Nature's Nest Avian Deluxe 1KG

Nature's Nest Avian Deluxe 1KG
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Nature’s Nest Deluxe is a fully balanced diet for parrots and parakeets where qualitysciencenaturegood nutritionpalatability and love are combined in thebest bird food available on the South African market. Must be fed dry and can be the only source of food or in combination with fresh fruit and vegetables. If you feed your bird human food the portion of that must be less than 40% of the bird’s daily food intake.


  • Avian complete
  • Maize
  • Jumbo raisins
  • Vegetables
  • Banana chips
  • Small peanuts

Guaranteed Analysis (g/kg)

Nutrients Min Max
Crude Protein 150  
Moisture   100
Crude Fat 65  
Crude Fibre   45
Calcium   12
Phosphorus 7.5  


Feeding Guidelines

These guidelines must be adapted to the needs of individual birds.

Volume (per 250ml cup) per day
Cockatiel / Lovebird 1/3
Ringneck / Senegal 1/2
African Grey / Amazon 2/3
Macaw / Large Cockatoo 1

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