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White colour makes it easier to monitor and remove soiled areas, and this bedding/litter still keeps the habitat clean! Made from natural, reclaimed paper fibers blended with proprietary Odour Stop technology to suppress ammonia odours for up to 10 days, it helps keep your pet's home smelling fresh and clean longer. This bedding is designed to absorb 2-3X more liquid than wood shavings, ensuring small pets stay warm and dry all day long. Also ideal for postoperative care. Size:10 litres

10-Day Odour Control 

Carefresh's proprietary Odour Stop formula has been proven in independent tests to suppress bad smelling ammonia odours for 10 days - keeping your home smelling fresh and clean longer. 

3X More Absorbent than Shavings 

Made from natural reclaimed paper fibers, Carefresh designed their bedding to absorb 3 times more liquid than wood shavings - ensuring small pets stay warm and dry all day long. 

99% Dust Free for Easy Clean-Up 

Carefresh has a unique material and manufacturing process which ensures their bedding is virtually dust-free and won't fall apart or stick to the bottom of the habitat - so you can breathe and clean-up easy. 

Natural without Compromise 

carefresh® complete natural paper bedding is designed specially for small mammals and made from 100% sustainable and renewable paper fibers, never any post-consumer waste paper just shredded and put into a bag. All carefresh bedding products are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, so you get superior performance along with a product that's good for your pet and good for the planet. 

Instructions for Use 

Place one to three inches of carefresh® complete natural paper bedding in your pet's habitat depending on the number and type of pets housed. 

Change bedding weekly or as needed. Remove damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replace with fresh bedding. 

As with any substrate, there is a potential risk of impaction if your pet ingests a sufficient amount of bedding. Observe your pet and seek veterinary care if you suspect impaction of the GI tract. 

When changing bedding types or brands, it is best to mix old and new bedding, changing over the course of 7-10 days.

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