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Save on our super Christmas starter set! Little critters will just love it!

Lady Rat Cage can house two male rats and three female rats. More suited for female rats. Dimensions 60cm x 35.5 x 58.5 cm

Kit includes:

cotton christmas cube (item #2520), cotton hammock (item #2064), cotton cube (item #396). We have cotton for summer time. The cube provides a feeling of feeling saFety and warmth and the hammock functions as a lazy lounger-come-platform. Bedding clips (item #636) are included to for attachement of the comforts. We have four Christmas prints, Green and red tartan, yellow Jazz and Funky Jazz.

The water bottle is included. Ratties have the  know-how of how it works. The licking action pushes the ball and releases the water. Ideally water needs to be replaced daily. No spill hamster dish included. 

We have included Reggie Rat 850g rat food in the pack (item #483). Reggie Rat is the most widely recommended coomercial rat food in South Africa and for this reason we have included it inthe pack. Corn cob bedding (item #2820) ideal for the bottom of the cage and safe for rats.

So, there it is - a complete kit with everything your new ratty fur kid  needs, all at a cost of R750.00



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