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Categories: Probiotic
Description: The beneficial effects of probiotics are now well-known: they not only boost the immune system and protect against illness, they also aid in the recovery and prevention of diarrhoea. PROTEXIN® is a multi-strain, scientifically-proven probiotic. Pets thrive on a daily dose of good-tasting PROTEXIN® - it makes them healthier and more resistant to disease. The younger you start them on PROTEXIN® the better. PROTEXIN® Soluble contains live bacteria and other organisms that are scientifically cultivated, carefully dried in a special process, then coated with a substance that protects these delicate organisms from the environment. This ensures that the probiotic is full strength when fed.
Composition: PROTEXIN® Soluble is a palatable powder containing nine strains of beneficial organisms (bacteria, yeasts and moulds).
Directions for use: Use PROTEXIN® when animals are under stress (change of environment, illness); after antibiotic therapy, to replace the beneficial bugs and speed up recovery; for newborn animals, to establish 'good' bacteria in stomachs instead of 'bad'; especially for newborn or young animals separated from their mothers; especially during diarrhoea to stop the diarrhoea and normalise the stomach. It is very palatable and should be sprinkled once daily over food or mixed into supplements like MILKO-PUP. PROTEXIN® Soluble is completely free of side-effects and can be used for all species of animal including those pregnant and lactating.
Pack size(s): 250G
Applicable to: Bird, Cat, Cattle, Dog, Goat, Hamster, Pig, Reptile, Sheep

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