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The XL Rat Cage (item # 506). It is a good solid cage. It can accommodate up to three ratties depending on whether they are male or female. The two side doors make it convenient to gain access to the inside of the cage. It has a plastic pull out tray making it easy to clean. Two wire levels and ladders are included. The cage wire is covered in a black epoxy coat.

Cage Dimensions: 61.5cm x 38cm x 60.5cm

We then move onto our ratty comforts – a cotton cube (item # 1250), cotton in summer time, fleece in winter time or unless otherwise requested and a  cotton hammock, (item # 2064) in summer time and fleece winter in winter time  or unless otherwise requested. The cube provides a feeling of safety and warmth and the hammock functions as a lazy lounger-come-platform. Bedding clips (item# 636) are included for the attachment of the comforts to the cage.

The 250ml water bottle is included (item # 1149). Rats have the know-how of how it works. The licking action pushes the ball and releases the water. Ideally, water needs to be replaced daily. A stainless steel feeding cup with hook attachment is included (item # 544). Stainless steel is a good option when it comes to hygiene and cleaning. The hooks on the back make it easy to attach to the cage. We have included the Reggie Rat Food 850g (item #483. Corncob is used for the litter tray/toilet (item #2789).  We have also included a toy (item #2069) as a chew and boredom buster.

So, there it is  – a complete starter kit with everything your new ratty fur kid needs at the best price possible!

PLEASE NOTE:  Patterns and colours vary for the cube and hammock. These are all handmade in South Africa and so each set is unique. Please state when ordering whether you would prefer boy or girl colours and patterns. We can then accommodate you accordingly.


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