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Milko-Pup contains vitamins and minerals and the same proportions of fat and protein as bitch’s milk, and may be used as a milk replacer when necessary. Milko-Pup may also be used as a nutrient for sick or convalescing animals. Milko-Pup also contains biotin, folic acid and fluoride (required for bone and teeth development) and is high in zinc (adequate amounts of zinc are important for healthy skin and coat).

Each 10g contains protein (min) 2,75g, carbohydrates 4,7g, fat (min) 1,9g, vitamin A 250i.u., vitamin D3 15i.u., vitamin E 5i.u., vitamin BI 100mcg, vitamin B2 200mcg, nicotinamide 1,2mg, vitamin B6 150mcg, vitamin B 12 1,5mcg, calcium pantothenate 750mcg, choline bitartrate 2,5mg, magnesium 50mcg, iron 120mcg, copper 25mcg, manganese 30mcg, cobalt 10mcg, iodine 10mcg, biotin (vitamin H) 30mcg, folic acid 3mcg, fluoride 0,05mcg, sodium chloride 15mg, calcium 130mg, phosphorus 100mg, zinc 1 mg, moisture (max) 250mg, BHT (antioxidant) 1,2mg.

Calcium:Phosphorus ratio 1,3:1
Energy content per 1Og:190kj

Directions for use
The mixture should be freshly prepared using lukewarm water for each feeding in a Kyron Pet Nurser Kit. For ease of mixing, first make a paste using the required dose of Milko-Pup powder and an equal amount of water. Then add the rest of the water while mixing well (one part Milko-Pup to two parts water is the usual ratio).


Small Breeds

Medium Breeds

Large Breeds

First 2 Weeks of Life

1/2 measure2 -hourly

1 measure 2-hourly

1 ½-2½ measures 2-hourly

3rd Week

I measure 4-hourly

2½-3½ measures 4-hourly

4-4½ measures 4-hourly

4th Week

2 measures 4-hourly

4 measures 4-hourly

6-8 measures 4-hourly

After 4 weeks of age the mixture should be made up as follows: one part Milko-Pup to three parts warm water.

250g with enclosed 5g measuring spoon.

Store in a cool dry place (below 20°C) away from direct sunlight.
Once opened, use all the powder within 3 months.

Registration No.
VI 0323 Act 36/ 1947

Pet Nursing Kit 60ml (kittens/ small puppies)
To establish good gut flora in young animals,

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